Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Greenwald Goes After BUG19

I read Greenwald's articles as soon as they come out.  He's a brave, honest man.  He is now going after the asinine, destructive, and freedom stifling policies of the New Religion of COVID!.

I responded with this comment.  I hope Greenwald's article gets a huge audience, as his platform is gigantic and the coming division of These United States, and the destruction of NYC is proceeding quickly:

"This a fantastic and timely article. Heather MacDonald was talking about this exact topic well over a year ago, but she's a "conservative" so she got no play at all.

I work in the Bad Neighborhood and the lockdowns and masks have been devastating. I had two seniors, young women, who attempted suicide. But for early intervention they would have succeeded. No one cared - because COVID! Because they were unable to meet or socialize, so we could use two weeks (now over 600 days) to "flattenthecurve", they had all of their teen issues exacerbated and they were almost destroyed. I had another student get shot and killed. He would have graduated in June 2021, but no one cared, because of two things: he wasn't killed by a white male wearing a badge, and because COVID! I wrote about him here:

As NYC begins an insane round of vaccine segregation, the ripple effects will be terrible. If you were told for the last 2 years that the USA was a systemically racist, unconscionably corporate, bigoted hellhole since 1619, then told to get a Gov't and Big Pharma vaccine because, well, THIS time those selfsame institutions are suddenly looking out for your best interests - you'd be leery of the vaccine too. This is why we have around 39% of the African American population fully vaccinated. But NYC is seeing to it that the Black population will not be allowed to go into restaurants, clubs, museums, or any other establishment. This is only one aspect of the continued madness of this new Religion.

Not only is the cost benefit analysis not being recognized, the trampling of Civil Rights is afoot, because COVID! The silence of the ACLU is unbelievable. This new religion of COVID, seemingly spearheaded by outfits like the World Economic Forum and their "Great Reset", is going to have the effect that all of these globalist maneuvers will have: it will decimate, discriminate and destroy the people who can least afford it.

NYC has collapsed under its 'leadership' (I'm in NYC), and Greenwald's assessment is correct, timely, and deserves a wide audience. We need regular people to push back, because the Corporate Media / Government Complex isn't.


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