Sunday, May 16, 2021

No Protests, No Marches, No Grift

This is what it's like in the actual neighborhood.  Random.  Cold blooded.  Brutal.  Echoes and ripples for years.

There will be no protests, no parades, no Grift.  The 'skin colors' don't work, there were no police involved, so the Usual Suspect Opportunist / Grifters are nowhere to be found.  

Anthony wouldn't back down when I challenged him intellectually.  He was brighter than the rest of the class, for the most part.  He had drive and desire, he simply had no idea how, or where, to channel it.

For whatever reason, his writing was substandard.  I don't know why.  His speed of thought, innate command of economics, and refusal to bend the knee were not only memorable, but well above average.  Now he's gone.  If you ever wonder why I clown on, laugh at, and denigrate our Overlords, Bootlickers, and Grifters when they demand we hashtag blm ... now you know why.  

They are nowhere to be seen.  There's no angle, no opportunity, no branding benefit on this one.  All there is a small Go Fund Me page, and a father left in tatters.

This is how it really is.  Whatever you see in Corporate Media when it comes to 'equity', 'blm', or 'oppression', you can mock it, then toss it in the garbage where it belongs.


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