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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They're Baaaaack!

This is part 3 in a series. Keeping things short, the silver market is about to blow. These two, through their witty dialogue and tips from will instruct you on what the silver market is doing, and how the banking commissars are destroying the world economy.  The delivery is silly, but informative and oddly prescient.  (beware, some light profanity)

Why should you care and what does this have to do with education?  Economic knowledge is sorely lacking, and this is a good start.  As the bear tells you, don't be a sheep and get slaughtered.  LEARN about what money is, what sound money is, and how you can be ahead of the economic crater in which we will soon live.


Anonymous said...

We need to send some of the sheep here. Mr. M I ask you this in class all the time. Do you ever worry that the government is going to learn about you and what you're trying to do? I know it's educating young minds but don't you think they would or already see you as a "threat to the establishment"? Very useful information by the way but I always have an eerie feeling that every single sentence I type is being watched and recorded.

Mr. D. Marolla said...

I see your point but as we talk about in class, we don't have to be afraid - we are free Americans. We don't have to live in fear like in other places. If we DO worry about "the establishment" or the "powers that be" and it affects our behavior, then 'they' have already won. As a young, literate, technologically sound American it is up to you to make sure the establishment, which has been in control since 1913, is never allowed to do what it has done AGAIN.

You should have the attitude that you actually hope 'they' are watching and recording, so you can tell them to buzz off.