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Friday, June 24, 2011

Internet Kill Switch

You should know about this. You've already heard about "net neutrality". It is a smokescreen, a ruse, a fake, an artificial trojan horse intended to get you prepped and ready for the WWW to get shut off. When gov't doesn't like what it hears or reads, and the sheeple start figuring out what is really going on, the regime has to shut the information source down. I don't think they'll be successful, but they are ALREADY TRYING. In school you learn silly things like 'freedom of the press'. The Bill of Rights has been under attack since the founding of the republic, and they have just about ended it. This is one of the last power grabs. Wake up people, let others know, and call your representatives and let them know you're a young person who is paying attention. Be a part of real change.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2003 - Ban the Scan!

One of the most obvious signs of the War on The Bill of Rights is the TSA airport backscatter / grope phenomenon. You are innocent until proven guilty - except at the airport. There, you are guilty until proven innocent. 6 year old girls, mentally disabled men with plastic hammers, grandmothers in wheelchairs - all guilty of terrorism, until proven innocent. This is your country. This is how it's done. This should be an affront to you. It is not the government's job to 'keep you safe'. It is the government's job to ensure liberty, property and contract rights. That's it. You really can't have it both ways. The specter of 'terror' is now being used as a new bogeyman. It used to be the communists, before that it was black people, before that it was European immigration from Ireland and Italy - it's a long list. The 'terror' idea is so useful because it is so amorphous. All of these 'wars' on terror, drugs, bullying, obesity, communism et al are simply ways to take your FREEDOM away and TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. At some point you have to say enough, especially when the 'cause' is the underwear bomber - a completely fraudulent and staged episode. Look it up.

Here is a woman who is fighting back. She does some damage to the beauty queen stereotype because she has a message, proof, and solid delivery. She needs a lapel microphone, but I forgive her for that because she is more appealing to look at than I am by a factor of about 99 zillion.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Happened to the Antiwar Movement?

"I will end the war as we understand it". Barack Obama.

No, I don't know what happened to the antiwar movement, but Reason.TV tries to find out. Some of you remember the fervent anti war protests during the Bush years. They were correct. Where are they now? How come the Mainstream Media is AWOL on the issue, as well as Hollywood and the anti war Left? This should serve as EDUCATION to you that most people are more loyal to their 'team' or their 'side' than anything else. They have the herd mentality - the sheeple factor - and they really don't think at all. Now that someone from their 'team' is president, well, he can do no wrong. Make sure you have principles, independent thought, courage and the ability to see the world around you clearly. If you are anti war, as many people are, then stay that way. The political party should have no factor in those beliefs. The Left and the Right are guilty of being part of the 'herd', and you should not fall into that trap. One of the reasons I have fallen into the libertarian camp (after being on both sides of the political spectrum) is because I realized the left / right paradigm is totally fake, and it is there to keep us unfocused and distracted from the real enemy - the Federal Reserve. See some of the previous videos on this site for more on the FED.

Recommended reading: Andrew Napolitano's A Nation of Sheep

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time for the Thought Police?

Copy and paste this into your browser. George Orwell was right - - - unfortunately.

Activist Post: 10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

Activist Post: 10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

This is a great list of alternative media. "Where do I get real news"? Well, here is a great list to start. I use Rockwell's site and Roberts' site often. The MSM is a joke, time to break the chains. If the NY Times cheerleading for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn't proof of the pusillanimous nature of the MSM, I don't know what was. Bookmark these sites in your favorites.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pieces of Eight

No, we're not reading Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island - although that would be fun.  We're talking about money.  It is one of those topics that has intentionally been left of the list of "things to learn" in school.  Actually, it is pretty high on the very LONG list of things not to be discussed in school.  Edwin Vieira, the author of the book Pieces of Eight, speaks with James Turk of GoldMoney about the irrationality of our money, and its blatant unconstitutionality.  Our constitution clearly states that the Federal Gov't cannot emit "bills of credit" (paper money), and that the states can use "NOTHING BUT gold and silver coin" in the repayment of debts.  Why do we use neither?  Who gains from this obvious fraud upon the people?  Who loses?  Why is there a war on gold?
To make it short (and because E. Vieira does a much better job), the gold standard limits government.  Ok, big deal - gov't can't fund endless wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen etc). But the part that the overlord elites really dislike is the power gold puts in the hands of the people.  That is the part that your gov't masters hate.  You should be a sheep.  You should have your wealth confiscated, and the Power Elite should strive for a medieval manor style world, with you as one of the serfs.  Gold stops all of that.  With gold money your wealth is stored, prices go down, entrepreneurship skyrockets and people have control over their lives.
Do you see now why it isn't even discussed?  Why gold and silver and the constitution and dozens of other things are NOT on the list of things for you to learn in "school".  It didn't happen overnight, but over a few sinister decades these topics were removed from schools and universities.  Don't think you will get lessons in gold and free market economics in college.  They've been bought off as well.  The best part is you can learn about all of the forgotten things at and from Tom Woods.  Oh yes, you can get a 44 minute lesson on constitutional money from a guy with 4 degrees from Harvard right here for FREE.

Friday, June 3, 2011

James Grant: "We'll see a gold standard again"

Gold is seen as some sort of rogue investment. Jim Grant, of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, actually says the unthinkable when discussing a gold standard. He thinks we'll have a gold standard in the USA again. I think he's right. Why am I lending his opinion credence? Because he's been right repeatedly. Why does anyone listen to the FED, or politicians (except the Libertarians), or the talking heads on the Mainstream Channels? Grant is very good, very smart, and he sells his opinions at Grant's for big money. You'll continue your education in economics by following this man.