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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tom Woods - Rollback

Tom Woods in an Ivy League scholar and historian.  His book Rollback is worth a look, and it has vaulted to a  high spot on my list.  Use it to obliterate many of the myths you've been taught during your 'education' about your government.  Notice I didn't say 'your country'.  Your government and your country are NOT the same thing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Utah takes a first step against the PTB

The "Powers That Be" hate gold.  They hate silver too.  Gold and silver are 'sound money' - a leftover phrase from when people could hear the difference between real money and counterfeit money.  Why do the PTB hate gold and silver?  They represent freedom.  They represent the people.  Instead of a bunch of bureaucrats and members of the Superclass determining monetary policy, gold and silver put the power in YOUR hands.  If you don't like the direction of the country, or the monetary policy of the US Treasury, you used to be able to go to the bank, and turn in your paper for gold or silver.  That is real power.  It was a check on government spending,  now an out of control debt monster rambling to the tune of $14 trillion.  Gold and silver places power in the hands of the people.  By now you should realize that the PTB despise the people - they are the elites and we are the proles.

Utah has staked an early claim that they are thinking about this issue, and they have made an initial move toward the reinstitution of sound money for their state.  The video speaks for itself, so I won't do too much prep here.  I hope they succeed.  If they see this through, the reaction by the Feds will be fascinating.  It will also make Utah and its citizens exceedingly wealthy.  Spread the word.  End the FED.

Recommended reading:  Sutton, Antony The War on Gold.  Rothbard, Murray What Has the Government Done to Our Money?