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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ben Bernank

Yes, the spelling is supposed to be 'Bernanke'.  This video is the perfect representative for what the FED is all about.  What is more surprising - the comments that disfavor the video.  I guess what the people who love their Financial Commissars to manage their lives don't want something scary like 'freedom' altering their worldview.

Why is this so?  Many have little to no education about what the FED is or what it does.  One thing that it's done that a few people can understand is this:  It has destroyed, through inflation, 96% of the American dollar since its inception in 1913.  No, inflation is not inevitable.  Prices went DOWN during the 1800's, when we had a gold standard.   That's what happens in a free market.

Recommended reading:  Griffin, G. Edward, The Creature From Jekyll Island

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Welcome to my first post.  For the time being I'll keep things simple, as this is a learning process for me.  Eventually I'd like to embed video, show tutorials, and comment on pertinent topics.