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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AMBUSHED: Socialist Senator Sanders Hawks His Book Like an Evil Capitalist

The hypocrisy is unending. Jason Mattera, of Obama Zombies fame, ambushes Bernie Sanders, a Socialist Senator from Vermont. Now being a Socialist means that the government is there to siphon off all of your hard earned capital, and redistribute the wealth via the State. Odd how Sanders is selling his book, in a for profit institution (Barnes and Noble) and he isn't sure where the $$$ will be headed. My guess is that it will go into his coffers. That's how these guys operate. They promise all of this free nonsense via the gov't, and then they line their pockets. Sanders should be ashamed of himself - he's a disgrace to all of the old world Brooklynites from whom he sprang.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Renegades of American History

Thaddeus Russell has a premise that is wonderful - the history you've been taught is too narrow in its scope. You've figured that out already, or you wouldn't be here, but Russell goes even further - he has researched early American History and found that the people we don't hear about are the ones responsible for many of the freedoms that we (theoretically) have here today. Note his willingness to speak the truth about the present day anti-war movement. It is this kind of speech that got him FIRED from the 'liberal' 'tolerant' Columbia University.

This is one of the most historically unique ten minutes you'll ever listen to. I was introduced to Russell's work on a podcast, and he's been on my radar ever since.

His book - A Renegade History of the United States is on my short list.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everything you thought was right was wrong

Tom Woods is a great teacher.  His site is a useful tool in your education, and it shows how the market for learning and education has changed.  It will be seen as one of the bellwethers for the ending of schools as we know it.

This is an excerpt from a longer speech on American History - his specialty.  He talks about child labor.  We learned that we needed government agencies and the do-gooders to eliminate the evil of child labor.  Without the Federal Gov't and the high minded elites in it, children would be working in sweatshops for 17 hours a day, earning pennies.


That isn't how it goes, and that is NEVER how it works.  Our government schools have a vested interest in  you thinking that they are the do all end all answer to every ill and evil in the world.  Haven't you noticed that our entire system is crumbling, and our government is the reason?  Everything they touch has turned to garbage.  Here is a snippet explaining just one of the topics that you learned incorrectly in "school".

Druckenmiller Calls Out The Treasury Ponzi Scheme

Fiat currencies have a 100% record of failure.  Money backed by nothing WILL fail.  Always.  The longest run was in China centuries ago, it lasted around 90 yrs.  Email DH for the details, I'm sure he has them.  
Our money and economic system is going down.  Every gov't move since the founding of the FED (with a few exceptions in the 1920's) has moved us toward the disintegration of the greatest experiment in libertarian freedom known to human history.  Trying not to sound tinfoil hattish, the attempt at world gov't needed the US to have a fiat currency to cause the economic catastrophe we are staring at now.  With a gold backed dollar you can't have the endless wars and welfare / social programs. Since the founding of the FED the dollar has lost 94% of its value.  There has been no move to stop this.  Buy precious metals, farmland, whatever you can that has intrinsic value, and have a network of like minded resourceful people near you.  

"Mr. Druckenmiller had already recognized that the government had embarked on a long-term march to financial ruin. So he publicly opposed the hysterical warnings from financial eminences, similar to those we hear today. He recalls that then-Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin warned that if the political stand-off forced the government to delay a debt payment, the Treasury bond market would be impaired for 20 years. "Excuse me? Russia had a realdefault and two or three years later they had all-time low interest rates," says Mr. Druckenmiller. In the future, he says, "People aren't going to wonder whether 20 years ago we delayed an interest payment for six days. They're going to wonder whether we got our house in order." Which begs the question: if interest rates are so low today, is the market not appreciating the current path of "financial ruin"? And here is where Druckenmiller joins the Grosses and the Granthams of the world. Asked if the future is not so bad judging by today's low bond rates he says, "Complete nonsense. It's not a free market. It's not a clean market." The Federal Reserve is doing much of the buying of Treasury bonds lately through its "quantitative easing" (QE) program, he points out. "The market isn't saying anything about the future. It's saying there's a phony buyer of $19 billion of Treasurys a week." 

Here's the article from ZeroHedge:

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Fellow Americans, everything you do is being monitored."

"What You Do Online Is No Secret"

"We can see you. We can hear you"

"Your cell phone is a mobile monitoring device"

"Phone Conversation and Email Analysis"

"Your pictures are not private"

Whatever the case, it's clear that almost everything we do, whether it's in the privacy of our own homes or on public streets, can be tracked, monitored, and logged.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event by Paul Craig Roberts

The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event by Paul Craig Roberts

This is the best article I've seen on the Osama Bin Laden "death" so far. In order to be an independent thinker, you CANNOT simply buy the tales of an entity (the US gov't) that has consistently lied to you. Did you not believe "WMD's"? Then why do you buy this? OBL has been either declared or mentioned or suggested to be dead in major outlets at least 9 times. Why are you buying this one? Because the volume is louder? Think, question authority and do some research.