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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everything you thought was right was wrong

Tom Woods is a great teacher.  His site is a useful tool in your education, and it shows how the market for learning and education has changed.  It will be seen as one of the bellwethers for the ending of schools as we know it.

This is an excerpt from a longer speech on American History - his specialty.  He talks about child labor.  We learned that we needed government agencies and the do-gooders to eliminate the evil of child labor.  Without the Federal Gov't and the high minded elites in it, children would be working in sweatshops for 17 hours a day, earning pennies.


That isn't how it goes, and that is NEVER how it works.  Our government schools have a vested interest in  you thinking that they are the do all end all answer to every ill and evil in the world.  Haven't you noticed that our entire system is crumbling, and our government is the reason?  Everything they touch has turned to garbage.  Here is a snippet explaining just one of the topics that you learned incorrectly in "school".

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