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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2003 - Ban the Scan!

One of the most obvious signs of the War on The Bill of Rights is the TSA airport backscatter / grope phenomenon. You are innocent until proven guilty - except at the airport. There, you are guilty until proven innocent. 6 year old girls, mentally disabled men with plastic hammers, grandmothers in wheelchairs - all guilty of terrorism, until proven innocent. This is your country. This is how it's done. This should be an affront to you. It is not the government's job to 'keep you safe'. It is the government's job to ensure liberty, property and contract rights. That's it. You really can't have it both ways. The specter of 'terror' is now being used as a new bogeyman. It used to be the communists, before that it was black people, before that it was European immigration from Ireland and Italy - it's a long list. The 'terror' idea is so useful because it is so amorphous. All of these 'wars' on terror, drugs, bullying, obesity, communism et al are simply ways to take your FREEDOM away and TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. At some point you have to say enough, especially when the 'cause' is the underwear bomber - a completely fraudulent and staged episode. Look it up.

Here is a woman who is fighting back. She does some damage to the beauty queen stereotype because she has a message, proof, and solid delivery. She needs a lapel microphone, but I forgive her for that because she is more appealing to look at than I am by a factor of about 99 zillion.

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