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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Charles Goyette - Economics 101

I came across Goyette's work, but I didn't learn too much about him until recently on a Lew Rockwell podcast.  I knew he'd been fired from his job as a successful talk show host because he refused to push the war in the Middle East, but I didn't know that his main focus is economics.  Most of the immutable economic truths are kept from us.  Goyette talks about the 'government class' and if you pay attention, you'll notice that much of the policy that comes out of DC benefits this class exclusively.  I think it's time that the American people stop being so naive as to think that their every need will be taken care of, without cost, by their Economic Mandarins.  Notice the mention of David Walker - former Comptroller General under several presidents - and his message about debt.  I suggest you learn more about economics, begin with someone like Goyette, and then do some heavy lifting over at

Recommended reading:  The Dollar Meltdown,  Charles Goyette
Required Viewing:  IOUSA

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