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Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Education!!

I joke often with my students that if I yell "fight" within seconds a stampede of humanity will arrive looking for the fight - wonderful entertainment.  Were I to yell "free books" I will have.....not much of a reaction at all, if anything.  Perhaps a soul who heard the word 'free' would stumble in the class to see what it was, but upon hearing that the 'free' material was books, well....

Would you like a degree from MIT?  You can go through some of the courses - only about 2000 are available.  That ought to keep you busy for about 4 years.

There is a paradigm shift afoot when it comes to education.  With the MIT doings, and the advent of KhanAcademy, the cost of delivery is now whatever it costs to access the www.  KhanAcademy has about 1800 videos available - from addition up to high end math, along with some eclectic things as well.

Are you looking for a good education?  Some self discipline, the www, paper for notes are about the only things you need.  Once the accreditation wall falls - we'll all be better off, more educated and be able to keep more of our money.

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