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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2 Essays

The two most impressive essays that I've read in my life are Albert Jay Nock's "Isaiah's Job" and C. S. Lewis' "The Inner Ring".  I find myself thinking of those two essays quite a bit.  An event today made me remember Nock's essay in particular.

I was in one of my school's smaller offices and a colleague came in.  She is looking for a secondary income stream and I told her she was smart for doing so.  I explained to her that I do some trading in the stock market, and by not following the herd, and with much research, I've done relatively well.  She mentioned that she was afraid of investing, and was prepared to lose some money.  I tried to assuage her fear by telling her that she should then decide to buy gold - there can't be much more of a risk free investment than that.  6000 years of history says gold will be valuable, and it is safer and easier than tinkering with stocks.

To make a long story short, this woman - a 20 plus year veteran teacher with multiple degrees, told me 'what if it goes down, these things always go in cycles'?  "What factors are in play that make you think that gold will go DOWN in value?" I calmly asked.  "Well these things always go in cycles, and I remember when gold was $200 an ounce" was the reply.  I tried to explain that the way things are going, gold and silver will explode in value and there is simply no reason that points to a lessening in value.

I actually tried.  I figured that I could get this rational person, entrusted with the education of the American youth, to see how a conservative gold investment could be in her best interest.  No luck, and it will be the last time.  I remembered 2 things afterward that I should have remembered in the first place.  One was Gary North's advice to never try to change the mind of the person sitting next to you at the lunch counter.  It is a colossal waste of time.  The second thing was Nock's essay, which is a magisterial work explaining that the group to try to reach is the 'Remnant'.

Don't waste your time with the majority, or the masses.  It is the Remnant that is worth your while - they will be society's saving grace.

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