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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why I don't, won't, and didn't - vote

There are real reasons not to vote.
Philosophically, I don't believe that government is anything but force.  It is someone's opinion with a gun or a jail cell waiting for you if you don't comply.  You can sugar coat it any way you wish, but nothing can refute that fact.  If you refuse to follow government laws, you go to jail or get fined.  There are no exceptions, and no matter how noble the intent of the law, if the end game is a fine or a cell for you - that is force.
Practically, what are you voting for?  A person in a suit who will make laws for you to follow?  They're just people - no different from you or me.  Why do they get make the laws, but not follow them?  Please don't be naive - you know what I'm talking about.  Enough is enough - and how many laws are enough?  Do you know that you can't buy a car in Minnesota on Sundays?  That you need a license in many states to arrange flowers?  In NY you need a license to braid hair.  Really?  This is what you want for your children - someone dictating the rules for your existence, economic and otherwise?  Stop believing the 5th grade Civics Class platitudes - we're older now.
The parties?  Please explain the difference between the two.  Start with some tangible difference between the two administrations that were supposedly the polar opposites - the WBush administration and the Obama administration.  10 points per point.  Any takers?  I didn't think so.

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