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Monday, November 17, 2014

Medical Questions

The Ebola! Crisis has sent the independent media and free thinking community into high gear.  The CDC and other governmental agencies have been pushed into the forefront.  Possibly the best thing one can say about the CDC is that it is incompetent.  The alliance between the MSM and the CDC is particularly nauseous - as seen here.  What eventually happens among people who connect dots and recognize patters (a distressingly small percentage unfortunately) is that the focus then goes on to the governmental agencies tasked with keeping Americans safe.

Lately the vaccine debate has heated up again because of the health news in the forefront.  I used to believe all the standard boilerplate information on vaccines.  I had heard of the anti-vaccination group and their arguments, but I never took them seriously.  Those days are over.  Brian Hooker, a PhD holding biochemist, with skin in the game (his son has Autism), Dr. William Thompson, who works for the CDC, and a few others have come out saying that the CDC has doctored the data with regard to vaccines and bad health effects that are, statistically, caused by them.  I am at the stage where I am taking seriously the arguments put forth by these people.  They have a case.

For example:
  • There are 25 micrograms of mercury in flu shot for women.  Proportionally those women should weigh 500 pounds.  A mercury free shot has been untested, and you are turning yourself into a guinea pig.
  • There  has been a link found that directly links the MMR vaccine to autism in young black males.
  • There are over 150 medically peer reviewed papers recounting the dangers of Thimerosal.  There are 14 that say it is safe.
  • Remember during the WBush administration how people were ANGRY about the revolving door between corporations and government agencies?  Julie Gerberding was the head of the CDC.  Do you know what she does now?  She’s the head of the Vaccines division of Merck.
  • The type of rhetoric used to attack the people who simply question the established narrative with regard to the CDC and vaccines is a dead giveaway.  Hooker has consistently asked that his work get looked over, and then debated.  No.  He is called a member of the "Mercury Militia", an "Anti Vaxxer" and other ad hominem attacks.  This is an automatic sign that an establishment faction is hiding something or angry or afraid.  
For more information that you won't find on the Establishment Grid:

For the whistleblower from the CDC:

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