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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Schiff Before Congress

Peter Schiff testified before congress not too long ago.  He had no notes, no teleprompter, and no one there to provide any refutation of his arguments.  Listening to the following 22+ minutes will give you a very good grasp of what bad government does to our economy.  I'll let the video speak for itself.

On a more sinister note, the video was eventually taken down after a week or so.  Mr. Schiff has since re-posted it via his Youtube channel.  Was there a conspiracy?  Probably not, but who knows.  I got this email from Europac (Schiff's company), which I will post in its entirety.  Read and then analyze his testimony for what actually happens in the business world, instead of getting distorted "news" from the paid off quislings of the mainstream media.

Pay particular attention to the last 3.5 minutes.  You'll see how everything you've been taught about the gold standard and income and life in the United States was wrong.

The email was as follows:

 Many of you know that last month I was in Washington to testify in front of the House Subcommittee on Government Reform and Stimulus Oversight. I argued that bad monetary and fiscal policies had combined with excessive taxation and regulation to stifle job creation in America. As a result of a Youtube video of the hearings that was in the process of "going viral" many in the media and political establishment began to take notice. In the aftermath of the testimony, I was invited to discuss my testimony with Greta Van Susteren, Mike Huckabee, and many others.
Unfortunately, the "viral" video that news and media sites had linked to most often, and which I had mentioned on my radio show, was inexplicably removed from Youtube by the individual who posted it in the first place. There is no conspiracy here, just an unfortunate string of events that have left many people disappointed that a video that could have reached into the cyber stratosphere, has instead simply disappeared. And while there are dozens of other versions of the testimony online, in today's world there is no substitute to a big view count.

And so, in an attempt to roll another snowball down the same hill, I have posted a new version of the video on my Youtube Channel. In order to comply with securities regulations I elected to delete a very small portion of my testimony, but plenty of other versions are available online that have all my remarks. But in order to make up the lost view counts I urge you to click on this link and send it to as many people you know who may appreciate my message to Congress.

If enough people watch, the video will go to the top of the charts and more people, many of whom may still be completely unfamiliar with the benefits of capitalism, will be exposed to our ideas. If you want to move the needle and impact the debate, here is a way to do it. All you need to do is click.

Sincerely, Peter Schiff CEO and Chief Global Strategist Euro Pacific Capital

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