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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Downright Frightening

I'm not sure who is the more scary, the woman at the end who simply stops talking to Adam Kokesh, or the sash wearing young Stalin who accepts "the use of force" for people who will not conform to his version 'social justice'.  Notice how both are brainwashed to the point that when Mr. Kokesh asks about impeaching Pres. Obama, they equivocate (sash guy) or ignore (ill informed woman) the question. 

This shows you the state of much of young America today.  I think the Sash Guy is more frightening - he sounds to me how I expect a young Stalin would sound.  Advocating the use of force to adhere to HIS principles is much of what Stalin (and Mao, and Castro et al) did to dissenters.  Firing squads, the Gulag, secret prisons - these were all tools of these socialist dictators.  I found this video truly frightening, and not a little depressing.  Left unsaid is how Sash Guy would feel if someone ELSE used force to make him adhere to their view of 'social justice'.

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