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Friday, October 28, 2011

Lessons at OWS

Peter Schiff went down to Wall St. with a sign that read "I am the 1% - Let's Talk". Schiff runs a successful investment firm and he makes great money. Deciding to go to Wall St. and discuss his situation with young people was a move that should have positive repercussions. What we can get out of his discussion with some of the people there is to see how ignorance is the enemy. If you look closely at the people discussing things with Mr. Schiff, you'll see that they think they know things, but they really don't. You also see that when some of the 'protesters' are backed into a corner they resort to calling Mr. Schiff names, or interrupting him. This is not debating or arguing or learning. You'll see as you get older that the people who are not well read, not historically aware, not well versed in economics - these are the ones who want the power to control the dialogue and run the debate. Schiff simply won't allow that. The two most egregious examples of this are the guy with the Guy Fawkes mask who calls Mr. Schiff an 'idiot', and the older woman who says she is part of the 1 percent. They do not offer a counter argument. The clown mask guy simply resorts to calling names. Don't take people like that seriously. If you decide to follow that type of intellect, then you get what you deserve. The older woman says that Mr. Schiff's facts were 'wrong', yet she does not offer any other facts. She brings nothing to the table. She admittedly pays 10% in tax - I pay close to 40% and Mr. Schiff pays over 40%, yet she is down there with the protesters feeling morally superior as she is "down" with them. Notice how Schiff tells her she can pay more if she wants and she dodges the comment. She never addresses the pointHer hypocrisy is astounding.  This is common among liberals.

Again, Schiff is right.  Actual capitalism and the free market (not the 'market' we have now) provide the toughest regulations, provide the best wages, lowest priced products, and wealthiest society.  This may sound unbelievable to you.  Without sounding sinister and conspiritorial, the evidence is there, it just isn't ballyhooed because the Power Elite would rather you continue to have your wealth siphoned off and the status quo continued.  One last noteworthy point.  There was a man who asked Mr. Schiff about FDR and his "saving" the country.  Schiff said that FDR didn't save anything, and he was correct.  Notice how the other guy didn't even question - he just dismissed it as crazy.  That exchange epitomizes the lack of education today.  The person who is correct gets dismissed by the factually bereft person in the wrong.  Thankfully the web is changing this.  It can't happen quickly enough.

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