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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A sad day for the USA - no privacy for you.

Your Facebook account is now open to government officials.  What is more disturbing about this awful news is the reaction to it.  The sheeple will be expected to, and from what I can tell mostly are, reacting with resignation.  "Oh, well if the parents can't stop bullying, then it's up to the schools".  That was a comment from one of the guidance counselors about this news.  Her reaction was one of total relaxation and calm.  I guess much of the population has been dumbed down to the point that an obvious power grab by the Power Elite is cause for - - no reaction at all.  People do get the government they deserve in a 'democracy' like ours.

A more sinister and sad, somewhat disgusting display is being put on by the group "Media Matters".  They are painting this as the "Right Wing Ginning up Hysteria" over this news.  This is the same group that would attack GW Bush for creating a 'police state' and other evils.  I guess when the person in the White House is 'on your side', all is well.  Invasions of privacy only happen when the President isn't one of 'your own'.  These were the same people who were (justifiably) crying about privacy and Civil Liberties during the post 9/11 GWB administration.  It's funny, because they were right then, and now that BHO is in office, they find the issue silly.  Look at the comments after the Media Matters article to see what I mean.

Here's how this works:
-Start a harmless White House initiative on anti-bullying (after all, who is Pro Bully?!?!).
-Create hysteria about bullying and cyber bullying / racism / gay bashing by putting it on the news EVERY MORNING like it is now.
-Justify another freedom / privacy grab by 'proving' it's necessary by pointing to your bought and paid for servile media bootlickers "reporting".
-Malign your critics by calling them 'racists' and 'insensitive bigots'.

This is exactly what the Mainstream Right did against the Left when they cried foul about the GWB police state initiatives post 9/11.  Remember "you're either for the terrorists or against the terrorists"?  That false choice is now being put toward your 4th amendment and privacy.  I don't know what upsets me more - that a "Liberal" administration would invade people's privacy in such a wanton manner, or the public would submit in so servile a manner.  I think it's the latter.  As usual, only the Libertarians are on to this horrible scam.

I find this news, and the reaction to it scary, sad and offensive.  If anything proves to you that there is a false Right vs. Left paradigm, then this is it.

"Keep the people / sheeple bickering and they'll take their eyes off the ball and ultimately give up all of their rights, freedoms and liberty".

Required Reading:  Behold a Pale Horse   - Bill Cooper  In this book all of these maneuvers were predicted in advance, and he provides hard proof of these liberty stifling moves.  Unbelievable and eye opening material.

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