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Monday, March 28, 2011

The American Dream - Animated version

This half hour video shows how things have worked in the USA.  If you want the quick version of how the country was usurped - here it is.  About as recently as 5 years ago this would have been seen as 'conspiracy theory' oddness.  The word 'conspiracy' has become something like the word 'racist'.  It has been used so much that it lacks meaning.  This video focuses on the economic / financial aspects of the country's history.  You know something is wrong in the world - in the USA - here's the main reason.  Not the only reason, but the biggest part of it.

Required reading: G. E. Griffin - The Creature From Jekyll Island and Ron Paul's End the Fed

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Anonymous said...

its funny but also very true but arent they hurting themselves in the long run to