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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ron Paul - why he's different than the others

Most politicians are alike - they say one thing to get elected and then do something else when in office.  Ron Paul is different.  He has principles and he follows them.  His voting record reflects this, and his views are consistent.  He is anti - war, anti - state, pro free-market and pro liberty.  His views are viewed by the mainstream media as 'oddball' or 'extreme' or 'archaic'.  The mainstream media, which for decades delivered and controlled mainstream opinion, as well as played ball with gov't interests, hated Dr. Paul's ideas.  They represent liberty for the 'masses'.  The 'rabble' (that's you and me) doesn't deserve to make decisions for itself.  Your overlords should control your job, your salary, your healthcare, your banking, and your very life.  Any deviation from that is simply too strange to take seriously.

This is all ending.  The great decentralization is underway and Ron Paul is a gigantic part of that.  This hourlong talk is a lesson in how a citizen politician in the US should speak and believe.  He believes in the people, not in word, but in deed.  He sees the common denominator of all parts of a successful society as liberty.  The free market libertarian roots were what made the USA what it is today, and our gov't and the progressive corporate interests that work in tandem with it have been at work to destroy it since at least 1913.  He obliterates mainstream beliefs, and effectively answers the left leaning but refreshingly intellectually curious questions from the moderator and some of the audience.  As a side note, I noticed that this video has more views than the Obama version.  Thank God for that.

Required reading: The Revolution, by Ron Paul

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