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Monday, May 6, 2013

Rethinking School

"This is a great speech -- a model of how to give a speech. Its message is also almost beyond belief. A new age is dawning." - - Gary North

Mitra talks about learning in the most difficult places - the slums of India and the heights of the Himalayas.  His message is beyond the comprehension of those who populate and believe in static world of the 'schools':  people can and will learn with the power of curiousity and encouragement.  JT Gatto has written and spoken of such things for two decades.  The home school movement and the hard core libertarians and anarchists have been receptive to his message, but his effect on the mainstream has been exactly zero.

What Mitra doesn't mention - he only alludes to - is that this is the free market at work.  The army of bureaucrats and managers present in his talk: zero.

As of this writing the video has only 6278 views.  As the speed of information continues to increase, ideas such as these, which are mostly common sense, will propagate.  How necessary is the State to education?  Not at all.  What is now in the realm of propaganda - the idea that the Government MUST manage schools - will become more widespread as prices for laptops, tablets, solar panels and granny time falls.  As the price falls, more will be demanded by people who crave learning and knowledge - children.

"The #1 engine of government propaganda is about to go off the tracks."

I think this is correct.

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