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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let's Raise Entrepreneurs

Cameron Herold had all the signs of a child who could not learn.  He writes about how he was not overly successful in school, he had a hard time paying attention, was dyslexic, and was considered "ADD".  What he was good at was finding ways to be creative, and turning those creative ideas into money.  He sold hangers back to the cleaners for pennies.  After a few thousand hangers, the pennies added up.  He sold comic books to other children - and charged the rich kids more.

Basically what Mr. Herold did was what I recommend to all of my students when they ask me about jobs: "find or create a product or service that people want and sell it to them".  Usually it is babysitting services for the girls or lawn care / snow shoveling / dog walking for the boys.  On the lengthy list of things we don't teach our young people is what successful entrepreneurs do, and have done to be successful.

Mr. Herold has some great ideas about how to teach entrepreneurship and creativity.  All of his suggestions have only one cost to you - - time.

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