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Monday, January 7, 2013

You're Crazy!

Two points:
1) Students and friends often ask where there is good, independent and reasonably thorough news that they can trust.  Because the Mainstream Media has completely taken a fall for the Consolidated Wealthy Corporate / Government Complex, there are some sites you should seriously consider.  One of them is the Corbett report.  Mr. Corbett runs his site via donations and sales.  There are no ads, no shills for agendas, and no nonsense.  The information would be ridiculed by Establishment Thinkers and Mainstream Press, which by definition makes it worthwhile.

2) Mr. Corbett had a podcast about 'conspiracy theorists'.  He brought up a great point about how, in order to malign someone, it is necessary to simply call them a 'conspiracy theorist' and ridicule them.  This is intended to stifle discussion and debate.  "Well, that is a conspiracy, and you're a conspiracy theorist, therefore the things you've said are not to be discussed".  This is still relevant today.  There are people in the public eye who would prefer to be called anything except a conspiracy theorist.  It has become the new "crazy".  In the old days, calling someone 'crazy' was a way to defeat them in the battle of ideas.  The new way is conspiracy theory via the internet.  This incites laughter among The Herd and is supposedly a debate stopper.

Corbett takes this absurd, and logically fallacious idea and crushes it in this podcast.  The quote of the podcast is near the end, when, after pointing out all of the things that Mr. Brzezinski says that qualify as 'conspiracy', he notes that one is not considered a 'conspiracy theorist' if one is one of the 'conspirators'. A priceless line and totally appropriate.  Watching the obsequious fawning of the MSM interviewers while listening to material that would qualify anyone else as a conspiracy theorist is particularly funny, and somewhat nauseating.

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