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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

The propaganda is strong today, Labor Day. You can decide of you'd wish to follow the shibboleths of the past, the massive public relations campaign of the violence happy Left, or actual history. Tom Woods, in 55 minutes, will help you free your mind and expunge the nonsense we were taught in 'school' about the "Labor Movement".  These are the things that are changing in education.  There are teachers who still propagate the same myths that they were taught.  

The 'story' is one of evil moneyed big shots crushing the good, peaceful workers.  Your trivium trained mind should immediately jump on this generalized fallacy and realize that there is no way that things were so laughingly simplistic and polarized.  Those 'moneyed big shots' were in collusion with Government - a fact that your teacher either doesn't admit, or doesn't know.  This collusion was afraid of actual free market Capitalism and the threat of what they called 'overproduction'.  This would have lowered prices and put power into the hands of the people and 'workers'.  Workers, who are not powerless, are always able to take their labor and move it to where they are treated fairly.  A useful fairytale to get young minds addled early is the idea that the Labor Movement fought for and achieved all that is good for workers.  

This tale doesn't fit the paradigm, and the Powers That Be have a decades long head start.  Unfortunately for them, the spread of information via the www has become so quick and prevalent that this false paradigm is crumbling quickly.  Young people are catching on to the truth, and this scares the Establishment to no end.

Recommended reading:  Marx's Religion of Revolution, by Gary North

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