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Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Inconvenient Tooth

The city of Portland has just decided to poison their water by adding fluoride to the municipal water supply.  Fluoride is one of the sacred cows of public health, and 'everybody knows' that fluoride is good for the teeth.  The scientific evidence is minimal to nonexistent and the proponents for fluoride rarely show up for a debate against a qualified scientist who understands what fluoride is.

The fluoride in our drinking water is a waste by-product of the fertilizer and the aluminum industries.  It was used in the past as insecticide and rat poison.

This is what you have in your water.

The arguments for fluoride have been woven into the fabric of society, to paraphrase Solzhenitsyn.  The Dental guild and the industrial interests have blocked dissent, and they use the rhetoric of contempt and ridicule to avoid scientifically based debate.  

I think this will end soon.  The world wide web is moving information around too fast.  I think the Portland decision may be a watershed moment.  Portland has the reputation of being a liberal and eclectic place.  The Power Elite can only push this so far, and there are serious cracks in the wall.  One of the things I've noticed is that many of the older government officials and municipal officials especially, speak as if there is no internet.  People can easily find information on topics, so when officials brazenly talk about ingestion of fluoride as good for dental health as if it were fait accompli - they eventually wind up looking ridiculous.  This happened most notably with the Kony2012 farce.  

Here are two of the most effective documentaries detailing the fluoride issue.  When this issue gets widespread, viral internet exposure, the loss of faith in government will continue.  This is good.  This will continue over the next few years.  The Power Brokers and the Good Ole Boys who run governments hate this, but it's inevitable.

Recommended reading:  Murray Rothbard wrote about this in 1993.

Here are the two best documentaries I've seen on this issue:

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