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Thursday, May 3, 2012

John Lott - More Guns

John Lott destroys MSM's Chuck Todd on the 'Stand Your Ground' debate. The MSM talking head uses fallacies, false assumptions and appeals to emotion to try to 'convince' you that you should be unarmed and helpless. I noticed M. Bloomberg prattling on in the video. Ask him about his ARMED guards. The hypocrisy of the average politician is astounding, but Bloomberg takes the cake.

Chuck Todd also asks a fallacious question about the lack of an 'epidemic' required to pass a law such as the "stand your ground law" present in many states.  Lott should have responded with the MLK quote "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere".  An epidemic is needed to pass a law?  Since when?  

Since I started studying logical fallacies, I've seen the utter ridiculousness of our political speech.  I can also see why they've been taken out of the curriculum, along with the Trivium.  All of this lends more credence to (one of) my new mantras.  'Only with a totally dumbed down population could anyone pull off this impossibly brazen nonsense'.

Here's the best take on 'political language', courtesy of George Orwell.
"Politics and the English Language"


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