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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Free Market and Education

I think this is the future format of education. It will lead to the collapse of the accreditation process, and the dropping of prices. This is good. This is an example of how the free market always wins.

Harvard and MIT are joining forces to put content online for free. This will offer the best materials that the two best universities on earth can provide . . . for free . . . anywhere.

Think about this.  How will Average U., or for that matter, Indoctrinate U. compete at any price, with such a phenomenon?  They can't.  Well, they can, but it will send prices spiraling down.  If Harvard and MIT (and soon others no doubt) are free, then how can Local Community U. offer ANYTHING at a high price?  It can't.  You don't just get talking heads either: "Online tools developed for edX will also supplement the lectures, seminars and labs available to MIT’s and Harvard’s own students, and will provide detailed data about how well different parts of lessons are understood and what areas may require further explanation."

What you see here, plus things like Khan Academy, will make the brick and mortar indoctrination centers that teach kids how to (insert your guess here) become obsolete - faster than you think.

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