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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ron Paul to Congress: If Debt Is the Problem, Why Do You Want More of It?

You may have been hearing a lot about the "debt ceiling" and the issues surrounding it. It is pure theater. Washington DC is so far gone you should watch it with the same mindset you'd watch 'Glee'. National politics has become something of a soap opera. Hopefully you'll realize a few things:
1 - The Republican v. Democrat battle is pure nonsense.
2 - The Establishment believes that you have the intelligence of a deformed cockroach.
3 - 97% of congress doesn't "care" about you or any of your opinions.
4 - Congress is run by the big banks.
5 - Campaign contributions would be called bribes if we were honest about it.
6 - The biggest campaign donors get what they want from Congress (see #4).

There are a few exceptions to these points. Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Ron Paul and Mike Lee are the only names I can come up with without looking at the list, but there aren't too many other congressmembers based in reality.

The National Debt is a whopping 14.3 trillion dollars. The US Gov't has put a 'cap' on the amount it spends, this is the 'debt ceiling'. Because the federal gov't wants more warfare, more welfare, and more wasted money, they need to 'raise the ceiling'. This would be like you having 14 thousand dollars in Visa debt, and using your MasterCard to pay it off. The worst part of all of this is that there are people correctly saying that debt is a problem, but we should raise the ceiling. What?

Rep. Ron Paul correctly calls them out on this joke of a position. I can think of the moment in 'A Few Good Men' when Lt. Caffey asks "if Santiago wasn't in any danger - why did he have to be moved off the base?" I guess we've reached the "Pfc. Santiago" moment in the debate. Naturally only Ron Paul has what it takes to call our Federal Gov't out for the worldwide joke that it has become.

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