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Friday, April 15, 2011

Part 5 - The Silver Saga Story Continues

These 'silver bears', while silly, provide good information.  The precious metals world is very small.  The prices of gold and silver keep rising, not because the metals are getting MORE valuable, but because our fiat money is becoming LESS valuable.  The Establishment HATES gold and silver because it is a check on their power.

We were on a gold standard, with a free market from 1793 - 1913.  It worked very well.  We had an amazing expansion of wealth as a country.  You've been taught that that era of the USA was horrible and wretched.  You've been snookered yet again.

The moneyprinting house known as the FED is practically guaranteeing that PM's go up in price.  Pay attention and think about how a gold standard would work.
(warning - some mild profanity)

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