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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ralph Raico

You've never heard of him.  I know this because he is about as far from the mainstream as one can get.  I came across his name via the Lew Rockwell site - - and I was immediately intrigued as he was described as being an historical free spirit.  Apparently his body of work is outstanding.

In this speech (all of 146 views) he mentions: William Graham Sumner, T. Roosevelt, Martin Van Buren, Herman Goering,  Jessica Lynch and Kevin Tillman.  I don't think it's possible to mention such a varied and eclectic bunch in 32 minutes but he does it with seamlessness and skill.

Pay particular attention to the last 12 minutes or so when he informs you of the true intentions of Empire.  Through Sumner's work he explains very clearly, that the people about whom you've never heard are the ones who are telling you from the grave why things have gotten so bad.  These names have been kept from you.   They are not on your list in History class.  As mentioned in the previous post, this has been deliberate.  How many William Graham Sumner essays were you assigned from Kindergarten through College?  What possible reasons could Raico have to mention Grover Cleveland and Martin Van Buren as 'great presidents'?

Recommended reading: Ralph Raico archives at

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