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Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Site: The Freelance Teacher

My students have been asking where I’ve been all these months. The answer is my new site:

Do you want to be able to write clearly, with words that get attention and make others think? Don’t you want your college essay to register with the adminssions department at your desired school? Do you want to get your SAT or ACT scores higher, and learn a few things that you never get in school? You have come to the right site.

Here is what members get:

College Essay / Supplemental / and General Essay Writing Help
I will go through your college application writing materials and proofread and improve them. How badly do you want to get into the school of your choice? The college essay can be intimidating. I will see to it that your THREE (Your main essay and 2 supplementals) essays have a good tone, contain well-written English and show off your writing skills. I’ve proofread hundreds of these things and am well aware of what the universities are looking for. The supplemental compositions are shorter, more vague pieces of writing, and I can work you through those as well. I can also help you get started, with large amounts of help on the first paragraph. The universities look for indivuality and leadership qualities. I will go through your list of attributes and build a template for you to use – much of your introductory paragraph. Again, how badly do you want to get into the college of your choice?

Exam Prep
$140 a year for exam prep on the English sections of the examsis a steal. The verbal sections of the two exams (SAT and ACT) should be unintimidating and familiar to you after you’ve studied the screencasts, tutorials and connected with me for online individualized help. There are sound files available where I explain the exam basics and give you the layout of the test. All that stuff in the beginning of the prep book — I’ve read it and will explain it to you in an easily understood manner so you don’t have to. You also get access to me via the Internet and I can work with you on questions or points you may not understand well.

Daily Entries

Every day I write something — a tip, an insight, a fact — something that you could use for school in order to get better grades. This site represents my view of the public school system: hostile. School and schoolteachers rarely get it right, and the institution wasn’t created to make you smarter. My mission is to fill in the large blanks in your education, get your grades up and get you out. My 18 years in the system have allowed me to give you the tools needed to do well and graduate. You have a teacher with nearly two decades of experience at your disposal.


The hidden value is the information sharing in the forums. Students all over the world have knowledge, that when we share it, it becomes part of your knowledge arsenal. Asking questions gets you not just me, but the crowd looking at your need and fulfilling it. Here we work together. The free sites are useless in this regard. The membership cost keeps out the trolls. You get questions answered. This site is for shedding light on things, not trolling and creating an online food fight.

Go to and subscribe today!

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