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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Public vs. Private

I discuss here why my public school world is disgusting and physically unkempt, whereas my private sector summer job is immaculate and spectacularly clean. The idea that employers and employees have some 'skin in the game' and can be fired has a lot to do with the difference in attitude and cleanliness among within the institutions.

Naturally, this is an unsanctioned opinion.  Ask your teacher about the glories of the Public Sector - he may even say that the public sector is necessary and that the private sector is greedy and rapacious.  You shouldn't tolerate that level of ignorance from your instructor - it is the private sector that funds the public sector. My take here is that in the private sector people generally act normal - in the public sector they act like slobs, because they can.

You may be wondering why the mountains of evidence never alter the opinions of the adults in your life.  It is because they have no principles.  Unfortunately, I've found that adults who identify with the 'left' are impervious to fact.  They acknowledge nothing.  The public sector vs. private sector debate is one of those instances.

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