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Saturday, June 7, 2014

We Have Come Full Conspiracy Circle

My high school students here on this site and in the flesh have long known that I abhor the Mainstream Media, that I see it as little more than a constant and clumsy propaganda machine for the State and its actors.  There isn't much need for me to 'prove' this point any longer.  Newsweek, and its cover article by Kurt Eichenwald, has proven my point for me.

In the article, you will read about how people who believe in conspiracy theories are a clear and present danger.  They focus on people who don't want to vaccinate their children, the 9/11 'truth' movement, people who have exposed the UN's Agenda 21, and the people who dislike Common Core.

Let's look closely at two of these points.  First, the Common Core should be opposed, and it isn't just 'conspiracy theorists' who oppose it.  The woman who was the only academic on the panel for English (and didn't sign off on the standards) now tours the country speaking out against the standards.  You can watch her here.  The only Math Professor on the panel, who also did not approve of the standards, speaks out against the total inadequacy of the standards.  You can watch him here.  Are these people trying to destroy America?  According to Eichenwald and Newsweek, the answer is yes.

Secondly, the article looks at the 9/11 Truth movement as one of the 'Plots to Destroy America'.  This is an interesting one.  During the W. Bush administration, the Truth movement was acceptable, trendy, and totally acceptable.  It's funny, but the only place you really saw these people made fun of was on Fox News, the network whose job it is in the Fake Left v. Right Debate to make 'Democrats' look bad. Now that the head  and party of the regime have changed, the 'Truthers' are fair game.  I miss the days when Progressive Heroes like Van Jones and much of Hollywood were part of the movement.  Eichenwald, of course, ignores this.  Jones, by the way, when his association with the movement was going to cost him personally, asked to have his name removed from the petition.  The guy changed his mind.  Was he a threat and now he's not?  Are these people trying to destroy America?

This puff piece is an example, although a poor one, of attempt to control the narrative.  Of course, citizen, you will listen only to the Establishment Narrative, and anything not on that 3x5 card of Acceptable Opinion is a 'conspiracy' and is therefore a 'threat'.  Eichenwald should be ashamed.  The article lacks any depth, and basically says, 'look, these people are silly and weird, and these conspiracies are stupid'.  This is considered reporting.  On top of this, Eichenwald uses the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source.  This is an organization that is sitting on a $190 million dollar war chest and not only is tax exempt, but hides money in the Cayman Islands!

Not only that, but notice how it is the conspiracy theorist and their theories that are a problem.  Not the NSA spying, the PATRIOT Act (renewed and strengthened by this administration), NDAA, endless warfare, endless welfare, the FED and the large banks and corporations rapaciously running the planet. No, it is the people who disagree with the Official Story, they are the threat.

I am constantly amazed that the Elite expect us, the Herd,  the Masses, to read this material and just accept it at face value.  It is as if they operate as if there is no internet, no movement of information. This article is just one sad example of the death of mainstream media - and now you can see why I will be glad when the whole operation disappears.

By the way, here is the cover of Eichenwald's best book.  It's a good one, but pay particular attention to the title.  Remember, according to Eichenwald, conspiracies are just silly and stupid: 

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