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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mind Control in American Politics

This post is coincidental because of the previous podcast on independent thinking.  James Corbett, the webmaster of Corbettreport, has produced a video on a similar topic.  Corbett tackles the false right / left paradigm that has saddled independent and critical thought - particularly in the political arena.  His angle is a good one; with only two sides of a story or an issue possible, there is little to no real debate, and the polarizing nature of people to fight for their 'team' takes over.  This stifles critical thought.

You see this in school with your high school teachers, and you'll see even more at the University level. These instructors will fight for their side (usually the 'democrat' side in academia), even when the actions are the same as the previously different side.  We're seeing this now during the Obama administration - no difference, but the teams are still squabbling.

Corbett goes a step further by bringing up the work of Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor, and his work on how the 'sides' are a sham and have been co-opted for years by the Establishment.  This has created a mass of humanity that does nothing different politically than what Yankee and Red Sox fans have done for 100 years - argue about how the other team sucks.

Break free from this nonsense.

I saw this post on the LRC blog, courtesy of Charles Burris.

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