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Friday, January 24, 2014

How To Watch the MSM and Have Fun at Their Expense

As high school students, you get teachers who are (usually) either unable to think for themselves or are repeating what they've been told to repeat by their favorite political party, the Democrats.

One movement that is gaining steam is the Nullification movement.  Your imagination free teacher hears 'nullification' and thinks "slavery" and "confederacy".  Your instructor thinks this because he has been trained, as one would train a pet, that Nullification - the idea that a state (say New York) nullifies or negates a Federal law that it feels is illegal or unjust - is something that relates to 'states rights', ergo, slavery.

Of course, everything your teacher learned is wrong, and you're being taught the wrong thing as well.  The MSM uses the same code words to attack doctrines that they don't like.  They are well paid and have a vested interest in a monolithic all powerful Federal Government, and they'll get you away from historical truth with buzzwords and loaded illogical sentences.

Ironically, one of the Southern complaints was about Nullification - they hated the North for nullifying the fugitive slave laws, particularly the abomination that was the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

But facts don't matter to the MSM or their paid shills.  Here is Rachel Maddow embarrassing herself using loaded words and scary terms to try to get you to never, and I mean never, consider any other way of life other than a titanic all powerful federal government that controls every aspect of your life.  Remember, the elders in your life have been conditioned to be afraid of freedom, of anything that de-centralizes power.  The huge Corporate Media and the Feds love the current system, and here is a perfect example of propaganda that is designed to get you to embrace your servitude and never think about anything other than the status quo:

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