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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rich Education For Free

One of the basic tenets I follow is that the words education, intelligence, school, learning, smart and wisdom do not all mean the same thing.  I get into good debates often about how one 'becomes intelligent', and can be smart.  As you can imagine, almost everyone with whom I speak talks about the need to go to school to become intelligent.  I do my thing and argue points, use statistics from the past, and try to explain that the people who invented school, and then made it mandatory - by FORCE, are not people that were humanitarian or kind.  Not only that, they were NOT interested in making the general population smart.  They were interested in creating an exceedingly manageable stock of herd animals easily manipulated who felt smart, happy and free.  This is a difficult point to prove because the people with whom I discuss this with went to good schools, and are comfortably entrenched in the middle class.  They firmly reject the idea that there is a better, or any other way to educate people. It becomes difficult to explain hundreds of years of philosophy, law, thought and societal management to a person in a debate / argument over a lunchroom table.

There is now an incredibly information rich place to go, if you're willing, to see all of the information on school one might want to discover.  These five videos with John Taylor Gatto and the people from have discovered the method and format to provide what I believe will be the future of education.  This format can be followed for any subject, they have chosen to use it to discover the and explain the history of forced public schooling.  Note how there are footnotes and explanations as the video goes on - further proving that the points made, many of them uncomfortable, are not simply 'made up'.  Further explanations are provided in mirrored podcasts, with corresponding links, many of them to primary sources that have been pdf'ed.  It isn't a comfortable or natural thought to think that poison gas specialists, eugenicists, and morally bereft men thought up and implemented our system.  The very fact that many are unable or unwilling to question the status quo when it comes to 'education' proves that these Elite Managers can rest easy that their mission has been accomplished.  Here is your intellectual self defense:  The first in a 5+ hour footnoted discussion with John Taylor Gatto.

Here are the corresponding podcasts, with the discussion broken up into 15 minute sections, with a round table discussion about the topics brought up.  Under the podcast are links to the source material mentioned  by Mr. Gatto and Mr. Grove and the discussion group.  It is difficult to imagine a more thorough way to learn - all in one place and without leaving your house.  Notice how the group discussion is more informative than many, if not all of the lectures / classes you've been forced to sit through.

Use podcasts 41 - 45 for information on the Ultimate History Lesson and the discussion.

If you don't have 21 hours at your disposal, then this video is a good beginning place - the information is true, and if you're intellectually curious it might pique your interest:

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